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Music Beats Volume 1


Music Beats Volume 1

Video is perfect for conveying emotion. And the right music can make it even more powerful.


Music is so important. It’s the one thing that all of us can agree on.


No matter where you’re from, what language you speak, everyone has something in common: they love music.


The songs we love are often a part of who we are as individuals and as a society. The power of music is not to be underestimated.


It transcends language and culture, and has the power to bring people together in a way that nothing else can.

Demo Tracks:

Here is what you get:

  • A total of 30 music tracks
  • MP3 format
  • Over 40 Minutes of music
  • Instant Download after Purchase
  • 100% Royalty Free and can be used for commercial projects, Youtube and Spotify without any copyright problems.
  • Unlimited personal and commercial use


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