Firefighter's ABCs What does it mean to be a firefighter

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Unimation Media is proud to support Firefighter's ABCs in their effort to promote diversity and other 100% free support tools for our many youth Nationwide and in Canada.
Please share our custom made F.L.A.S.H. Videos with the youth in your served communities and kindly ask others to also share.
They are housed at
Yes, be they a he or a she you never know where your next firefighter or EMS provider will come from.
These videos are geared towards youth in the 9th grade through and post college.
Even if they choose another career we believe the F.L.A.S.H. Videos will help support them regardless of their career choice.
If you have a suggestion of a topic and video you would like to see please email it to [email protected] 
The staff at (name of your company) thanks you.

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