Unimation Media WebM Video Solution

Unimation Media WebM Video Solution

We now offer in all our 3D animated video assets the lightweight yet powerful versatility video format, WebM.

Why did we add WebM video format?


It flat out works.

It retains transparency on mainstream online video creation software platforms and does not lose it’s high resolution quality.

What Is WebM?

WebM is a video format for the web. It launched in 2010 with various partners supporting it’s growth.

Used from HD movies to Live Streaming for any kind of video watched on the web.

What Major Problems Does It Solve?

It’s a high quality video format solution for the open web with no royalty fees.

All other major video formats require royalty fees to use and can run your budget into the millions each year.

WebM is designed for commercial web video and is great for TV too.

Starts and syncs fast.

Plays across all devices seamlessly and clearly.

How Can It Help You?

Helping publishers, entrepreneurs and digital creators to launch various video projects that look great, without the huge monetary overhead.

Here are a few video platforms Unimation Media has tested successfully:

Works with:

Laughingbird Software
Create Studio
Video Builder

Step by Step PDF Guide of How to Use Unimation Media’s WebM Files