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Unimation Media Used Inside InVideo

The team at Unimation Media has been hard at work to provide a solution for using our 3D character assets...

A Dancing Hippo? Why Would You Want That?

A Dancing Hippo? Why Would You Want That?

Unimation Media and VideoCreator Software

Using The Best Animated Video Assets: How To Keep Your Audience Engaged

Unimation Media and Laughingbird Software

Unimation Media is excited to announce that our assets can now be used in Laughingbird Software to make...

Unimation Media Personalized assets in Offeo!

Imagine if you could understand how to use our assets in the online video platform, Offeo without struggling...

The “Small Business Owners” Way To Get Affordable 3D Assets

Well, there are a lot of moving parts with transplanting trees…money, resources and time. Creating 3d...

Unimation Media WebM Video Solution

Follow along as we show exactly how to use this new format inside InVideo.

How to Drag and Drop Thriller Into Your Project

Here is a helpful video showing you how to drag and drop the files into your project and adjust them...

How to Make a Rotating Scroll Stopper Video Using Create...

When making scroll stopper videos you want to make sure to use the layers correctly.